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INTERMET Kotły Grzewcze

82-300 Elbląg
Nowina 35 (dojazd z DK nr E77)

tel./fax 55 232 66 64
tel. kom. 502 530 364 lub 502 530 368


Welcome to INTERMET company web site. Here you can find our complete and current offer and parameters of our boilers. The whole range of our boilers is designed and manufactured on our own premises. The durability and reliability of our products is guaranteed by the use of the best quality materials in the process of their production.

Each year we introduce new types of boilers. Both small boilers designed to dwelling houses and big industrial units are incessantly improved as maintaining the modernity of our products is one of our main goals. Also already existing types of boilers are instantly upgraded in order to increase the efficiency and convenience of the service.


As a result of our care and efforts, different models of our boilers successively receive certificates of conformability as far as thermic and efficiency tests are concerned and are signed with "The Denotation of Ecological Safety".

According to the requirements of the clients our boilers may be equipped with systems controlling the process of combustion.

The boilers may be additionally equipped with systems governing the supply of fuels.
Our years-long experience allows us to serve you with the assistance and consultancy whenever needed.


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